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Eyelid Revision Surgery

Who is suitable for eyelid revision surgery?

Anyone who has undergone prior surgery or sustained eyelid trauma, who is unhappy with the outcome either aesthetically or because of symptoms related to poor lid position can be assessed. Your specialist will examine you and give possible treatment options that he feels would be beneficial.

What does the treatment involve?

The surgery required will vary for each patient. Your specialist will go through the surgical plan with you after assessing your eyelids. Often in revision surgery the surgical plan is modified at the time of surgery depending on the distribution and severity of scarring found at the time of revision surgery.

How will I look immediately after surgery?

The most obvious bruising and swelling should settle over a week. Often the lid needs tightening as part of the procedure and in some patient’s, skin grafts or flaps (neighbouring tissue is rotated into the area of tissue loss) are used. In these cases, the thickness and contour of the lid may take weeks to months to settle.

What is the recovery time?

Most patients will take 3 – 5 days off work. Physical activity in the first week should be minimal and then building up to a normal level over the following two weeks.

What are the risks?

Any surgery carries risks, and revision surgery unfortunately carries an increased risk of recurrent scarring. This is case specific and your specialist will discuss this fully at the time of your consultation.

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